Designer Spotlight: Alain Gilles

Recently awarded the prestigious ‘Designer of the Year’ for 2012, Alain Gilles has accomplished what most people would perceive impossible. One would think that in order to become a world renowned designer, you would live a life of design but this was not the case. Alain studied Political Sciences and Marketing Management which landed him a career in the financial world where design is somewhat inexistent. Where most would suck it up and live the life you were dealt, Alain, instead, decided to leave everything behind and begin a new life and career in design. With the support of his loving wife, he went back to the classroom and began studying Industrial Design in France which eventually landed him a job at Quinze & Milan before graduating exposing him to high profile projects for famous architects as a designer, developer, and project manager. Finally in 2007, Alain had the experience to branch of and open his own studio which has allowed him to break free and create his own image; his own identity through product design, furniture design, and interior architecture.

Working with many well known brands throughout the world, Alain Gilles has created some incredible pieces we are proud to offer as part of our collection from Bonaldo and Casamania. Our favorite dining table, and best seller to date is the ‘Big Table’ by Bonaldo. Released in 2009, instantly received the ‘Good Design’ award bringing much attention to this incredible piece. This table demands attention with its very structural, almost claw-like base offered in a range of color options, our favorite being the bright mix of funky colors paired with a wood or glass top. Truth be told, we have had a hard time keeping this table on the showroom floor due to its incredible demand.

Casamania worked alongside Gilles in 2011 where they released a modular storage unit/TV stand called “Container.” This unit is a mix of variously sized ‘boxes’ ranging from drawer units to flap doors which works great for extra storage or all your TV components and DVD’s.

We look forward to many new designs from Alain as we feel this is only the start of something great. Congratulations Mr. Gilles, we can’t wait to see what’s next.