The Vision: LAGO’s ‘Interior Life’

LAGO may not be as “well-known” in Canada as other leading Italian furniture brands but we’re here to tell you that LAGO is HERE and they are HERE to STAY! As the exclusive retailer of LAGO products in the Canadian market, we’re both proud and truly privileged to work with an incredibly innovative and progressive company.

To say that LAGO is an innovative brand in the world of Italian design is somewhat of an understatement. Their approach to design goes beyond the classical definition of industrial design and extends right through to achieving innovation across the entire production chain. Their approach allows LAGO to design and engineer products that redefine and challenge notions of interior living spaces and how furniture is experienced by the end user. The LAGO philosophy toward furniture and its role in enhancing interior spaces is based on the theory that if a person spends most of their time in higher-quality settings, then their quality of life will also be improved. Establishing a connection between the quality of a living space and the resulting quality of life shapes LAGO’s vision of design. This vision has helped LAGO establish a modular approach to furniture design creating a basis for innovation, flexibility, and endless ingenuity.
The LAGO ‘Interior Life’ philosophy is expressed through an 11-point manifesto that outlines its key elements. Point 6 of the LAGO Manifesto is intentionally left blank as each individual strives to find their own expression of LAGO based on their experiences and values.

Suite 22 - Lago- IDS15 -2


#1 Immediate and simple.
#2 We design interiors for your interior life.
#3 We believe in the atoms and bits of human relationships.
#4 We have a compass—Head Heart Courage.
#5 We plan the solid to breathe life into the void.
#6 ____________________________
#7 Beauty lies in the vision of the whole.
#8 The essentials, for enduring over time.
#9 You are the design; we provide the alphabet.
#10 Creativity comes when you do what you love.
# 11 Never stop.

Suite 22 - lago- IDS15 -4 Suite 22- Lago - IDS15 -1 Suite 22 - Lago - IDS 2015 Suite 22 - Lago- IDS15 -3

We recently had the opportunity to introduce LAGO to the Canadian design community and public at the 2015 Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS15). We displayed LAGO through a curated collection of pieces that told the LAGO ‘Interior Life’ story.

Visitors to our booth experienced the following LAGO pieces:

Tangram– an incredibly flexible, cool and modern bookshelf that takes on a personality of its own.

Air Sofa – a series of modular sofa systems that literally float on air (they sit on glass actually but the visual impact is stunning). The seating pieces along with the back and side rests are movable and interchangeable based on a rail frame system.

Lago Linea Tree– part of the LAGO LINEA bookshelf system, the Linea Tree on display consisted of individual shelving pieces grouped into the shape of a ‘tree’. This configuration is both functional and visually impactful as it allows you to create a truly one a kind bookshelf.

Air Coffee Table – Puro Touch and Natural Wildwood – part of the LAGO AIR collection, this coffee table has a glass base and can be arranged in multiple levels.

Joynt Chair– recipient of a Designlines Loves tag by Designlines Magazine at IDS15, this chair allows you to recline without having to lean on the chair’s legs. The back rest has a pivot point made of rubber allowing the chair to flex at a natural reclining point. A true conversation piece in any setting.

Logica Chair – a chair with clean lines and sculptural impact. Made of multi layered birch plywood with a lacquered finish.

Steps Chair – part of the STEPS collection which includes a bed and stool, this chair will leave your guests wondering what it’s made of. The frame is made of metal and the “steps” are made of felt. The LAGO STEPS line further highlights LAGO’s innovative design by combining unexpected materials.

Lago 36e8/Linea Entertainment Unit – a member of the LAGO LINEA collection, this entertainment unit expresses modularity and the design value of being able to create a custom solution in any space. Featuring a myriad of finishes and a very well-engineered wall anchoring system, LAGO LINEA is peerless in this category.

Wildwood Table  – Got Wood? LAGO sure does! The Wildwood Table was shown as a desk to demonstrate its flexibility in any space. Available in several wood finishes and sizes, the LAGO Wildwood Table can be the centre piece of any modern dining room or office space.

Morgana – ever seen a bedroom tallboy on wheels? No? Then you haven’t seen LAGO’s Morgana. This unit takes storage and design flexibility to another level.

Vele Bed  – Also capturing the Love of the Designlines Magazine staff, the LAGO Vele Bed was a huge hit at IDS15. This is a bed with a layered headboard of various finishes and function including a built in ledge to hold your favourite bedside reading material.

Lastika Chair  – The LAGO Lastika chair had many visitors to our booth wondering whether they should sit on it or admire it! This chair is truly a crowd pleaser as many had a blast sitting on it. Made of tubular steel and durable elastic straps, the Lastika creates a rocking sensation making for a very comfortable, fun and playful seating solution.

If you didn’t make it to IDS15, you’ll want to visit our two showrooms so you can experience the LAGO collection in person. Our Markham showroom showcases several LAGO pieces and our Toronto showroom has both a functional LAGO kitchen and two LAGO bathrooms in place.

As exclusive retailers of LAGO in Canada, our in house designers are very experienced in designing solutions for Interior Designers, Architects and home owners using the entire LAGO collection to source a myriad of lifestyle and functional solutions. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and welcome the LAGO philosophy into your life.


Italian Furniture

The Italian furniture industry and its significant contribution to industrial design is well regarded and celebrated the world over.  Some of the most prolific designers of our day have worked with renowned Italian furniture and lighting houses over the last several decades producing items that have found their place in homes and museums around the world.  At Suite 22 Interiors, our commitment to the Italian furniture industry forms the foundation of our overall vision which is to bring the finest in Italian modern furniture to the Toronto market.  We recognize that shopping for Italian furniture can be intimidating given the bespoke nature of these products.  We also believe in the timeless quality and uplifting impact of a well-designed space which is why we strive to bring the best in product and service to our clients every step of the way.  Here’s a quick overview of how to approach furnishing your space with modern Italian furniture.



Know your brands – Select the right manufacturer for your aesthetic and overall design vision.  If you are looking for fun, out of the box, crazy designs look to manufactures like Casamania and Lago.  If you want something more refined with a classic modern appearance, check out manufacturers such as Flou, Cattelan Italia and Arketipo.  If you like the laid back, relaxed Italian vibe, check out manufacturers such as Bonaldo and Saba Italia.

Custom is custom and it’s worth the wait!  Purchasing from a well curated collection of modern Italian furniture brands offers many choices to help realize your vision of a custom space.  Custom can take time and we outline delivery times to all our customers at the outset.  This helps manage timelines and expectations to ensure you’re purchasing exactly the item, look, and finish that you need for your space.

Would you like to learn more about modern Italian furniture?  Please visit us at or stop by our shop today!

Interior Decorating Blog

More often than not, our customers ask us to help them design their space coordinating several aspects of the design process from floor layouts to furniture specification to installation.  Not only do we enjoy being able to provide such a value added service, but we also appreciate the opportunity to work closely with our customers in realizing their vision.  At Suite 22, our in house designers look beyond the idea of interior decorating with a greater focus on the principles of a modern, well balanced, and functional interior design whether it’s for a single room or for an entire condo or home.  Our designers help ensure that the design language used from room to room is seamless and well-coordinated.  As Toronto and Markham’s one stop design and modern furniture source, here a few key benefits to consider:

  • We can work together to create a cohesive floor plan integrating new and existing furniture         
  • Working with a Suite 22 designer will save you time and money; with our experience in the design industry, we can narrow down the right pieces for you and work within a given budget
  • If space is an issue, we can provide innovative solutions for saving space in your condo or home using pieces that are multifunctional.  This concept is well illustrated by the Kristalia Box – a wall mounted mirror with integrated storage


  • We work with some of the best modern furniture manufacturers in the world such as Bonaldo, Cattelan Italia, Casamania, Kristalia, Kartell, and Lago to name a few.  All of our offerings are Made in Italy providing you with furniture and accessories of both exceptional quality and design.  These quality pieces of furniture can make the ordinary space truly extraordinary.  An example would be the Lago Air sofa.


  • We also offer accessories to help tie it all together while adding well curated layers of design and visual interest.  From clocks to vases, trays and lighting – we have you covered.  You can explore our accessories collection here

Have a design question?  We’re here to help!  You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram for plenty of design inspiration, client installs and newly released products from our several modern Italian furniture manufacturers.


Suite 22 does Modern Bedroom Furniture

Today’s modern bedroom no longer serves the utilitarian function of simply housing a bed and storage solutions. A well designed modern bedroom should provide a comfortable, beautiful atmosphere incorporating the very best in modern bedroom furniture. To create that ultra-sleek look, the Suite 22 designers recommend the following:

  • Choose a low profile bed; look for a piece with sleek, tight, clean lines
  • Select a thinner mattress that still offers exceptional support, exterior materials and internal construction – eliminate your box-spring and go ‘euro’ using slats. A great example is the Bonaldo Relaxin Bed


  • Gain storage without giving up your footprint – modern bedroom storage solutions such as wardrobes can accentuate the height of your room making your room feel more spacious. Designer tip – choose sliding doors where possible to create a clean, seamless look. A great example is Lago’s line of wardrobes like the Now 100!
  • Modern bedroom furniture should be the appropriate size and scale relative to your bed and bedroom. Designer tip – if you have a long wall where your bed is, think about using longer, lower units rather than narrower, taller units. A great example is Zanette’s Clan furniture collection
  • A well placed mirror is an often overlooked element in modern bedroom furniture placement. A mirror is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. Designer tip – when choosing a full-length mirror, select something that has a thin profile with elegant lines

KristaliaExtraLarge (1)

  • Don’t clutter up the bedroom with unnecessary pillows and accessories
  • Do keep it clean and display items of importance with an emphasis in quality over quantity
  • The modern bedroom should incorporate a well thought out lighting plan. Designer tip – stick with one type of light fixture to creative a clean, cohesive look. To create a coordinated look using modern lighting, look to examples like Diesel by Foscarini’s Fork table lamp


Suite 22 Holiday Gift Staff Selections

As we all know, the holidays are right around the corner and the stress of gift shopping has arrived. We asked the staff at Suite 22 to make their holiday gift selections based on certain budgets to help you find that perfect gift for that special someone. This is what they’ve recommended…..






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attila mozia pett bourgie louisghost ghostbuster




her pebble stud taj toobe tree

So Far…..So Good!

Our client reviews have been nothing less than perfect thus far, now reaching 40 of 40 5-star reviews on our Google review page. By visiting you have the option of reading all the wonderful feedback left by some of our clients.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to share your experience at Suite 22 Interiors. Word-of-mouth advertising is a crucial element in the growth of Suite 22 as there is no better recommendation that that of a past client who has had the opportunity to work with us from start to finish. Excellent customer service, fast turn around times, consistent communication, and beautiful products are just a few of the elements that we are constantly improving to make your experience with us a positive one.

We will continue to do our best for each and every one of our clients and look forward to reading many more wonderful reviews in the future. If you have something to say about us, feel free to leave your feedback on our Google Review page.

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What a Crazy Summer!

A lot has happened at Suite 22 throughout the summer months and we are finally able to catch our breath and write a much needed blog post. The last you heard, we had added 3 new partners to our already extensive collection; Kartell, Alivar, and Flou. Well, everything has arrived and the showroom is looking better than ever!


We expanded our showroom space and created our own Kartell Shop at the end of our chair gallery. It’s a room filled with incredible pieces by many famous designers. Bright colors and edgy designs sets Kartell apart from many others while still offering practical functionality. We are very proud to offer such a huge name in Italian design and you’ll definitely want to experience this display in person. Aside from just seating, the Kartell Shop includes their collection of table lamps and suspension lamps that will be set up towards the end of October. Keep in mind, we will begin keeping selected chairs and lamps in stock for quick turn around times.


Something we never thought we would be carrying at Suite 22 was “modern classics”, but the opportunity arose and we haven’t looked back. Alivar is the only manufacturer to recreate the modern classics 100% to spec and are now known for the highest quality in manufacturing when it comes to pieces like the ever-so-popular Mies van der Rohe ‘Barcelona’ chair or the gorgeous Saarinen ‘Tulip’ table. In fact, they are internationally renowned as being the only company that produces the most complete and fully comprehensive range of furnishings and furnishing accessories designed by some of the great past masters. Displayed in many prestigious museums and exhibitions throughout the world, Alivar’s Museum Collection has become a world renowned benchmark for modern classics. Coming soon to Suite 22 are some pieces from their Home Collection as well.


Finally, Flou; a wonderful addition to our current collection of beds brings a softer, more classic feel to our showroom space. One of the largest and most respected bedroom companies in the world, Flou has found a place in our hearts offering not only beautiful beds but complimentary linens, pillows, duvets, and mattresses allowing you to create the perfect oasis in your bedroom. Something that must not be overlooked are Flou’s incredible wardrobes and walk-in closets. The attention to detail, unique finishes, and extensive internal options, can help you create the perfect wardrobe. With two units on display we are able to show you all the wonderful add-ons and mechanical features that truly make Flou’s collection something special.

So whether you’re looking for something edgy with a pop of colour from Kartell, a timeless classic built to uncompromising standards from Alivar, or a comprehensive sleep system designed to not only be aesthetically and functionally impressive, but also provide you with a wonderful night’s sleep – Suite 22 is your source for modern furniture in Markham and the GTA.

Soon to arrive in our showroom are several new items from Bonaldo, Tonelli, Arketipo, Minforms, and more. Keep an eye out for Campeggi as well….we will be the first in Canada to offer this extremely fun and unique line of multifunctional furniture.

This has been the best summer for Suite 22 since we have opened and we look forward to many more. We hope you enjoyed your summer and look forward to a beautiful fall season.

Coming Soon to Suite 22

iSaloni 2013 was yet another success as we were able to solidify a relationship with some incredible new lines. We are proud to announce that we will now be offering Kartell, Flou, and Alivar; three established and very well-known furniture lines all specializing in their own niche market.


Kartell is the world’s leader for high design plastic furniture ranging from chairs to tables, clocks to vases; the collection is endless. The company began manufacturing automobile accessories in 1949 and soon expanded into home furnishings market in 1963 where they began taking over in the world of plastics. Teaming up with some of the biggest names in design such as Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Piero Lissoni, and Antonio Citterio, Kartell had separated themselves as the leader in high design plastic furniture creating their own market to offer to the world. Now offered in 95 countries worldwide, Kartell has become a household name winning numerous international awards including 9 of the very prestigious Gold Compass (Compasso d’Oro) awards.

Our Kartell ‘Shop-in-Shop’ concept will consist of a 400 sq. ft. room fully outfitted with the Kartell goodies including their iconic chairs, colorful accessories, and vibrant collection of lighting.


Flou is a little different than the other bedroom collections we offer at Suite 22; softer lines with a more classic approach. Flou is not just a collection of beds and bedroom furniture, instead it’s a concept, a one-stop shop for all your bedroom needs offering a wide range of high quality mattresses, linens, duvets, and pillows. Founded in 1978, this company has made the bedroom their domain and have successfully executed an incredible and extremely well thought out concept of how to cohesively furnish your bedroom from head to toe. We will also be offering a quick-ship program on a selection of beds with a turn-around time as fast as one week from the date of order.

We have dedicated a 750 sq. ft. corner of our showroom where we will be showing 4 different beds and 2 wardrobes all paired with different mattresses and a variety of different linens and pillows for you to come test out for yourself.


Finally, we are happy to present Alivar. A company established in 1984 inspired by the idea of re-creating some of the most famous and iconic pieces of design history. Alivar is in fact internationally renowned as being the only company that produces the most complete and fully comprehensive range of furniture and accessories designed by some of the great past design masters such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Eero Saarinen, and more which are all part of the MVSEVM Collection. They have grown offering their own complete collection of pure, minimalistic designs for the entire home; a truly modern and refined style, ideal for those who seek simplicity in all things.

We will be featuring the Alivar MVSEVM collection as part of a ‘modern classics’ tribute space showing a variety of iconic pieces by some of the best to live. This is something you won’t want to miss.

Each new space will be ready towards the end of August or early September 2013.

Our Top 5 Favorites from iSaloni 2013


Once again, iSaloni was nothing short of incredible. The world’s largest furniture fair in Milan, Italy brings together companies from all around the world to show off their newest designs. With over 2500 exhibitors spread throughout 21 pavillions and more than 2 million square feet to cover by foot in less than a week, you can imagine how important a good pair of shoes can be. This year the show hosted just shy of 325,000 guests who were lucky enough to get touch and feel some of the newest designs the world has seen. We thought we’d share our five favorite products from this years exhibition. Without further ado, here we go:

Bonaldo Octa
Designed by Bartoli Design, a design firm who has played a large part in the success of Bonaldo, the Octa table lends itself to an almost Eames-like design. Its dramatic, metal rod base crisses and crosses creating a very sculptural effect, resembling something like the bottom of the infamous Eiffel Tower. Beautiful from any angle, this table when paired with a simple dining chair would create an incredible effect in any dining space. The base is available in painted white, anthracite, polished chrome, and black nickel with a wide range of top options including polished or matte glass, lacquered wood, even solid oak or American walnut.


Tonelli Lumetto
Leave it to Tonelli to create some of the most beautiful and creative glass products. The Lumetto end table/lamp is a perfect example proving Tonelli’s ability to create just about anything made completely out of glass. If you look carefully at the profile of the Lumetto you will see the shape of a lamp cut in half hinting it has a second function up its sleeve. Not only does it offer substantial table space for books or an alarm clock, the Lumetto, when touched, illuminates using a special LED system which highlights the profiles of the unit giving off just enough light. Offered in standard transparent or extra transparent glass and in two different heights, it’s a great option for any bedroom or living space.


Saba Honey
The Honey by Saba is a small hexagonal, multifunctional element giving homage to the ingenuity of nature’s honeycomb. Although pretty all on its own, Honey’s seamless modular design allows you to group multiple pieces together to create a dramatic formation. Simple and sleek in design, its removable top is the highlight of this piece. Transforming from a simple ottoman or coffee table into a storage unit for just about anything you want to conceal. The ability to choose from many different fabrics give you the flexibility to get creative…..or keep it simple.


Cattelan Italia Domino
We aren’t sure what it is that is so damn sexy about this table but we can’t take our eyes off of it. It’s not something we would typically be drawn to but we have to say that we love it. Maybe it’s the odd upside-down style base? Maybe it’s the elegant simplicity? Whatever it is, there isn’t much to say, just stare and admire. Well done Cattelan!


Bonaldo Contrast
Back to Bonaldo we go (you know we love Bonaldo). The Contrast bed designed by Alain Gilles, designer of other great items by Bonaldo such as Big Table, Welded, and Tectonic, this bed is unlike any other we offer. Its beauty lies in its differences – elevated off the floor with legs in a matte painted finish, this bed has a utilitarian and clean frame and yet, the headboard is a masterful show piece. The gentle curve and soft upholstery of this bed makes it dynamic and aesthetically pleasing…which is where the CONTRAST occurs. The juxtaposition between the large, soft headboard and the hard, sleek frame makes this bed a winner in our books! Alain Gilles has done it again!


Pedrali Scores a Hat-Trick at Red Dot Design Awards 2013


Pedrali won the REDDOT DESIGN AWARD 2013 in the Product design category with three products: ARA armchair designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, MALMÖ armchair by Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo and NOA chair by Marc Sadler.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Red Dot Design Award is the international prize issued by Red Dot Institute constituted by a jury of 37 design experts that rewards the best products and projects of the year. After winning the Good Design Award in 2012 , MALMÖ armchair gained another important reward within a year of its presentation. The victory of ARA and NOA chairs confirms the high design performance of Pedrali that celebrates its 50 years activity and its 25th attendance at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in the year 2013. The RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2013 ceremony takes place in Essen on 1st July and the winning products will be displayed at Red Dot Design Museum in Essen.

Ara, designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, is a polypropylene moulded armchair rein­forced with fibreglass, stackable and suita­ble for both indoors and outdoors. The upper part of back structure forms a big handle for an easy lifting and moving, giving it a distinct character. Thanks to the tapered shape of the legs it’s light and elegant, although resistant and non-deformable. We are proud to announce that we carry inventory of the Ara arm and side chair in white, blue, and light grey.


Malmo, designed by Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli, and Antonio Pagliarulo was born from an imaginary journey along the sides of a Scandinavian lake. It recalls the experience of a come back home with the coziness of wood warming up the environment. Made with ash timber frame in bleached or black stained finish, plywood shell. Also available with an upholstered seat and back and also in an armless version.


Noa, designed by the infamous Marc Sadler, is a chair which combines the elegance of its perfect proportions to the comfort of the seat, all thanks to the innovative construction technique. The seat is upholstered and contained in a polycarbonate shell with a glossy outer surface. The upholstery can be in fabric, leather or eco leather, the legs are chrome-plated steel or powder coated. The upholstery range in com­bination with the colours of the shell offers a wide range of possible customizations and solutions for both residential and contract furnishings.


Suite 22 Teams Up With Wycliffe Homes

feb-image1We are very proud to announce that we have recently teamed up with Wycliffe Homes, one of the most prestigious and enduring residential builders in the GTA. Started in 1951, Wycliffe is one of the oldest builders in the Greater Toronto Area and has built over 10,000 homes across Ontario…not too shabby!

We were recently given the opportunity to sit with the owners to discuss a potential partnership in a current project that Wycliffe is building in Woodbridge. The Fairground Lofts, located in Old Woodbridge Village will feature 65 loft towns housed within 5 buildings as well as 2 heritage homes sold as private homes. The property will span across 3 acres with a beautifully landscaped central courtyard. These units will range from 700 to 1349 sq. ft. and sell anywhere from the high $200,000’s to just under $500,000. This is a wonderful opportunity for both Suite 22 and Wycliffe Homes and we were more than happy to work alongside them.

In the next few days we were asked to redesign their model suite where our lead designer, Liane, took full control and gave it an incredible facelift in just one day. By utilizing the space given, she was able to maximize the potential of every square foot and give it that modern feel that Wycliffe had hoped as they are gearing this project towards young professionals north of the city. We then came up with a program where every new buyer would receive $5000 towards a purchase at Suite 22 as well as free design consultations from Liane based on their specific floor plan. Together, we are trying to accommodate the buyer as best as possible by offering such services so their experience with both Wycliffe and Suite 22 be positive and pain free.


We feel that this is a wonderful step to a very positive relationship with one of the best builders in town. We are proud to be a part of this program and look forward to seeing the final construction. Feel free to visit the model suite located at 177 Woodbridge Ave. (closest major intersection is Kipling Ave. & Hwy 7).


Progetti Releases New Designs

Progetti has recently released their new designs in time for the International Design Show, Macef, in Milan, Italy. Playing with different depths, materials, and their incredible creativity, I have to say that we are in love with the new collection.

The Petali clock, Italian for petal (as in flower petal), is a recreation of a flower where you have the ability to rearrange the petals of the clock to create a new look. Available in 2 color combinations (red/yellow/orange or blue/purple), this clock is sure to make a statement anywhere in your home.


My personal favorite is the Clock Circle clock. If you are asking if it’s covered in moss, well…’re absolutely right. For those who don’t know what moss is, it’s a soft plant, a living organism that does not require water or sunlight to stay alive which means you can put this clock anywhere in your home and it can live for many years to come. Crazy, right? Ya well, that’s Progetti.


Finally, the CuginoITT clock has to be mentioned. Cugino translates to cousin in english….exactly, Cousin ITT. They designed a clock after the infamous Cousin Itt from Addams Family TV series. Known for being short and completely covered by his hair, only exposing his glasses, this clock is a perfect rendition of Itt. Covered in strings from top to bottom only revealing the time, available as a table or wall clock.


See the complete Progetti collection at and let us know which is your favorite.

Designer Spotlight: Luca Nichetto

It’s hard to imagine someone at the young age of 36 could have enough time to play such a significant part in today’s world of modern design. Luca Nichetto, a native Venetian, has climbed his way towards to the top of the design world, with no intention of slowing down. Studying at the University of Architecture of Venice (IUAV), he earned a degree in Industrial Design and then went on to begin his career in 1999 working with a very familiar material to his hometown, Murano glass. From there, things began to fall into place and he teamed up with world renowned lighting manufacturer Foscarini where he worked as a designer, product developer, and material researcher which put his name on the map for all of us to notice.

In 2006, Nichetto & Partners was born; Luca’s own design firm specializing in industrial design and offering his services to the world. Quickly he began working with large Italian brands such as Casamania, Kristalia, PlusT, and Gallotti & Radice; all of which we are proud to say we carry at Suite 22 🙂 Unlike some of the other ‘big names’ in design such as Fabio Novembre, Karim Rashid, and Philippe Starck who tend to lean towards an edgy style which may be a bit risque’ for some, Nichetto lends himself to a more sophisticated look with only a touch of flare which, as a result, a timeless design is born.


Of course we have our own favorites from Luca’s collection. The Taffy Mirrors by Gallotti & Radice are beautifully shaped mirrors that are available in different depths and sizes so they can overlap one another to create an artistic composition on your wall. Lepel Chair by Casamania is a very simple yet elegant design available in both a side and armchair. Available in a variety of materials, this chair is suitable for any space from a high scale cigar lounge to a casual ice cream parlor. The option for cross-stitching is a beautiful detail that takes this chair to another level. Finally, the Dart Stool by Kristalia. Strikingly similar to the shape of a cobra, the sharp yet smooth edges give this stool a unique look as well as a nice spot to rest your feet. Available only as a hydraulic swivel stool, rather than the ugly levers, Luca designed a button on the side of the seat to lift and lower the stool with ease.


Luca Nichetto has already been recognized and awarded some of the most prestigious international design awards such as the Gran Design Award (2008), Chicago Atheneum Museum of Architecture’s Good Design Award (2008), Designer of the Year award in the Young Designer Talent category (2009), Interior Innovation Award (2013), and has just been nominated by Elle Decor Italy for ‘Designer of the Year 2013.’ Chosen as a guest speaker as ‘Guest of Honor’ at IMM Cologne this year and chosen to sit in juries for international design competitions; it’s fair to say Luca is well on his way to becoming one of the world’s top industrial designers. And if you forgot, he’s only 36! Luca, we applaud you.


Holiday Sale Extended Until Jan. 31st

We are feeling generous and the wonderful holiday spirit is still among us so we have decided to extend our holiday sale until the end of January. We are offering 20% off all new orders, 30% off all clocks and accessories, and of course some great discounts up to 50% on selected floor models. For all you on the naughty list that didn’t get what they wanted this year, don’t fret, we are here to turn that frown upside down! Come on in and browse through our 15,000 sq. ft. showroom full of incredible pieces.


Closed for the Holidays

Thank you all for a wonderful year in 2012 and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year. We promise to continue to bring in new and exciting products throughout 2013 so be sure to check to experience the new collections for yourself. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It’s a wonderful time of year to spend with loved ones and enjoy some much needed time off. Don’t be shy to pack on a few extra pounds over the break, we will just pretend its to protect us from the winter cold ahead of us 🙂 All the best from the team at Suite 22 Interiors.

Holiday Schedule
Closed Dec. 24th – Jan 1st
Reopen as per regular hours on Jan. 2, 2013

Staff Picks: Holiday Edition

We got the team together and decided to each pick our favorite gift ideas for this wonderful (and probably very stressful) holiday season.

Roberto: Art Toy Test’O
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $129.50/ea + tax

“The Art Toy collection is definitely one of my favorite accessories we carry; each with their own personality bringing a little bit of life to each room. Although I am a fan of many, Test’O is definitely my number one. It actually caught my eye shopping in a ‘design’ department store in the center of Milan and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I am not sure what it is, maybe the retro feel with the colorful lines or the memories of watching cartoons as a kid, I had to take one home as soon as they came in.”


Liane: Diamantini & Domeniconi Tablita/Tablito Clock

Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $69/ea + tax

“Tablito/Tablita are 2 of my personal favorites for gift-giving this season. Meant to be a male and female pair, the chalkboard finish can be fun and whimsical, or utilitarian and used for notes and reminders. If you are giving it as a gift this season, personalize it with a message or picture for that special someone.”



Claudio: Fornasetti Ceramic Collection
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: 15cm tall: $175/ea + tax 30cm tall: $455/ea + tax 50cm tall: $1100/ea + tax 70cm tall: $1595/ea + tax

“A classic design created by an icon designer. What more is there to say? Oh ya, most of these are limited edition, so once they are sold out, they are gone forever and you now own a piece of history. The attention to detail is incredible, manufactured by the hands of Italian artisans in Florence, these would be an ideal gift to anyone in love with design.”



Peter: Bonaldo Tree Coat Rack
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: Matte Finish: $315/ea + tax Light Up Version: $770/ea + tax

“Let’s be honest, how many of you really go out of your way to hang your coat in the closet when you can throw it on the closest chair or hand rail. Well here’s the next best thing without getting an earful from the neat one in the household. When it’s not draped in coats or hats it acts as a beautiful sculpture and even has the option to light up which takes this piece to a whole other level.



Aida: Diamantini & Domeniconi Butterfly Clock
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $215/ea + tax

“Hands down my favorite item at Suite 22. Butterflies are a wonderful symbol of freedom and grace and the design of this clock captures it perfectly. Available in a variety of colors this is a great gift for just about anyone on your shopping list. My choice was the violet one for my granddaughter, I know she is going to love it!”



Jimmy: Progetti Burano Cuckoo Clock
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $455/ea + tax

“Being from Italy and often traveling to Venice, this one really hit home for me. A great recreation of the famous houses on Burano Island in the Venice Lagoon. The colors are strong and vibrant but the best part is the cuckoo bird that pops out of one of the windows every hour. Don’t worry the night sensor restricts the bird from chirping at night so you won’t lose any beauty sleep.”



Nikki: Karim Rashid Symbolik Candle Holders / Paper Weights
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $335/set of 6 + tax

“The Symbolik candleholders by Karim Rashid are a one-of-a-kind gift for the holiday season. The 6 shapes in the collection are fun and carefree with 6 great colours in the set that really complement each piece and the collection as a whole! You can use them in the set, or as individual pieces (you can even used them as a paperweight) – I love this for gift-giving!”



There are many many other items we have on sale so feel free to drop by and have a look for yourself, and hey, atleast you can come try one of our famous espressos or cappuccinos even if you don’t find anything you love.

Sugar 'n Spice & Everything…..ON SALE!

It’s that wonderful time of the year where we spend time with loved ones sipping caramel mochaccinos as we decorate our homes with holiday cheer, right? Oh wait, that’s only in the movies… Instead, driving from shopping mall to shopping mall looking for the perfect gift, endangering the lives of everyone around you as you battle for the last parking spot. Then you realize your in-laws are staying over and you don’t have an extra bed for them, then the panic really sets in and rather than those wonderful caramel mochaccinos, you decide to grab the bourbon and hope it all goes away. Well, that’s not necessary because it’s time for our holiday sale! Everything is on sale until December 24th so drop in to see what we have to offer, and there’s lots of parking 🙂

Jesse Has Arrived………

After many discussions over the years at iSaloni in Milano, we have decided that Jesse was a great fit for us and have dove in head first. We have just received our first showroom order and are slowly making space to show the fantastic collections of beds, bedroom furniture, and buffets. Thus far the response has been great and we are now ready to order additional items for the showroom such as their extensive collection of wardrobes and sofas. Unlike some of our other collections, Jesse doesn’t offer the very extravagant or attention grabbing designs; instead their collection consists of simple, elegant pieces that can fit in any space or decor. This is where Jesse’s extensive color selection comes in to play. With 20+ different matte or high gloss lacquer colors to choose from ranging anywhere from mustard yellow to navy blue, many pieces can be finished to suit your subtle or exaggerated taste!

It all started in 1925 out of a carpenters shop in Treviso, Italy, based in the region of Veneto. After 80 years of experience in furniture manufacturing, Jesse is still located in the same place but has grown into a furniture powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. Even throughout the unfortunate turn of economic events that happened throughout Italy and the rest of Europe, Jesse was able to pull through and have dedicated extensive time and money into rebuilding the core of the company from its production system to improved IT support, new improved staff, and new standards for suppliers. This investment, although costly, has allowed them to expand their vision to provide the best possible product and service for each and every client. When most will cut corners to save every dollar in hard times, Jesse has done the opposite and has come out stronger than ever. We are very proud to work with such a reputable company and look forward to many successful years working along side one another.

It's Time For A Giveaway!

We thought it’s a great time for another giveaway. From Oct. 18th – November 18th 2012, for every $1000 spent at Suite 22 before taxes gets one ballot in the draw for a free Bonaldo Tree coat hanger in the color of your choice that we have in stock (not including Tree Light). Spend $5000, get 5 chances to win….spend $100,000, your chances are even better! 🙂

Timeless Design + Divine Comfort = Arketipo

Florence, a beautiful land located in the Italian region of Tuscany most people only dream of experiencing is home to Suite 22’s newest line of sofas, lounge seating, and accessories; Arketipo. Florence, well known for their haut-couture fashion, spectacular architecture, and a legendary artistic heritage (and of course incredible vineyards), has played a large part in the history of Italy. Originating as a Roman city and soon becoming the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence was politically, economically, and culturally one of the most important cities in Europe and the world from the 14th century to the 16th century which is why, to date, is recognized as one of the most artistic places on earth.

Arketipo was born in 1982 by a group of Tuscan entrepreneurs looking to make a statement in the upholstery world offering high quality, refined sofas. It was only until a few years back Arketipo has separated themselves from the pack and created a name for themselves that is now recognized around the world. From strictly sofas they have branched off to complete the their line with lounge chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, and much more. Using techniques passed down from generation to generation, Arketipo has left no detail to the imagination. From the stitching to the beautiful fabrics and materials, the specific foams to the down feathers, each piece tells its own story.

We found Arketipo a few years back at iSaloni in Milan but weren’t quite ready to offer such a line as it, at the time, didn’t fit with the other lines we were offering or the look of our showroom. As we grew and attained complimentary lines to that of Arketipo, we felt it was the right time to make the move and team up as a dealer (if I am not mistaken, the only in Canada). Much like the other high-end sofa manufacturers throughout the world, they focus on timeless designs rather than what’s hot right now. They give most attention to the simplicity, function, and comfort of each piece so the client will love their purchase for years to come. You won’t find bright, flashy colors, nor will you find any gimmicks; instead you will see clean lines, soft cushions, and the most well rounded pieces you have seen in a long, long time.

In 2011, Arketipo was purchased by powerhouse Cattelan Italia in order to complete their line offering everything from the living room to the bedroom. This was a very tactical move by Cattelan Italia as they wanted to include sofas to their line but it wasn’t going to be just anyone. They searched at the top of the ladder and came across Arketipo and haven’t looked back. We placed our first showroom order back in April 2012 and have finally received our showroom pieces. We chose the Coast as it is nothing like anything we have in our collection. This sofa screams “CUDDLE ME” with its inviting soft edges, numerous throw cushions (which act as your back cushions), and an overflow of down feathers. To spice it up a little we chose a deep purple velvet fabric, which gives it almost a royal look, fit for a king or queen. The other sofa we chose was the Inkas which was new to the collection. The ability to get playful with the options of different back heights, multiple fabrics, and asymmetrical cushions, it was a no brainer. Again, filled with down feathers there is no sacrifice for style over comfort, I mean, really, who doesn’t want the best of both worlds?? We also show a variety of coffee tables, end tables, and bookshelves in our showroom.

We are so happy to be chosen as a dealer for the line and look forward to some great products coming through the showroom.

Designer Spotlight: Alain Gilles

Recently awarded the prestigious ‘Designer of the Year’ for 2012, Alain Gilles has accomplished what most people would perceive impossible. One would think that in order to become a world renowned designer, you would live a life of design but this was not the case. Alain studied Political Sciences and Marketing Management which landed him a career in the financial world where design is somewhat inexistent. Where most would suck it up and live the life you were dealt, Alain, instead, decided to leave everything behind and begin a new life and career in design. With the support of his loving wife, he went back to the classroom and began studying Industrial Design in France which eventually landed him a job at Quinze & Milan before graduating exposing him to high profile projects for famous architects as a designer, developer, and project manager. Finally in 2007, Alain had the experience to branch of and open his own studio which has allowed him to break free and create his own image; his own identity through product design, furniture design, and interior architecture.

Working with many well known brands throughout the world, Alain Gilles has created some incredible pieces we are proud to offer as part of our collection from Bonaldo and Casamania. Our favorite dining table, and best seller to date is the ‘Big Table’ by Bonaldo. Released in 2009, instantly received the ‘Good Design’ award bringing much attention to this incredible piece. This table demands attention with its very structural, almost claw-like base offered in a range of color options, our favorite being the bright mix of funky colors paired with a wood or glass top. Truth be told, we have had a hard time keeping this table on the showroom floor due to its incredible demand.

Casamania worked alongside Gilles in 2011 where they released a modular storage unit/TV stand called “Container.” This unit is a mix of variously sized ‘boxes’ ranging from drawer units to flap doors which works great for extra storage or all your TV components and DVD’s.

We look forward to many new designs from Alain as we feel this is only the start of something great. Congratulations Mr. Gilles, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Get Prepared for Winter with Bio Fireplace

As fall rolls in, and winter right around the corner, we can’t help but think that Old Man Winter is soon to be declaring war on shorts and flip flops. Although we call ourselves Canadian, it’s near impossible to defeat the ever so sneaky ‘wind chill factor’ so instead most of us decide to stay home and enjoy time alone or with a significant other over some hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and needless to say a great romantic comedy, but what’s missing? Well, good thing you asked, because nothing says “F&*$ winter” like your own fireplace. Unfortunately, in todays condo market its rare to find a fireplace as an option, and most of the time they aren’t the prettiest nor are they at all flexible as they are built directly into the wall. This is when we introduce you to Bio Fireplace.

Bio, a family owned and operated company based out of Perugia, Italy, recently made a turn from specializing in manufacturing pizza ovens to creating some of the most beautiful and functional ethanol fireplaces on the market. Yes, you heard right; the entire collection are ethanol based meaning these can be used indoors (and are condo friendly) without producing any toxic fumes, can be relocated with ease, and do not require any installation, wiring, or gas tanks. It’s as simple as pouring in a special liquid ethanol designed for this application (which is easily found on the market) and lighting a flame…VOILA…you have fire for hours and can easily be shut off by sliding the burner top shut.

The collection consists of wall mounted units, floor standing, table top burners, and even outdoor units which not only set the mood but offer some heat in its surroundings. A personal favorite is the Tulip designed by Matteo Ragni who has played a large part in many of the pieces in the Bio collection. The Tulip is a floor standing fireplace made in Corian and available in any Corian color offered by Dupont so really, your options are nearly endless. Tulip is also offered as iTulip which looks the same as the original except has a slide out tray that holds your iPod or iPhone and when connected with a wire acts as a speaker, genius!

We have recently received our showroom models and we couldn’t be happier. They bring a new element of design and functionality to our already extensive collection of wonderful Italian products. Feel free to view the Bio website at

Who Doesn't Love To Save Money?

We are happy to offer you the best pricing in Canada on any identical product from any of our suppliers. We will beat any formally quoted or advertised price by 10% and we will do it with a smile. 🙂 Come visit our 15,000 sq. ft. showroom and enjoy one of the best espressos in town, on us.

Product Showcase: Kristalia Box

Kristalia, known for thinking outside the box (no pun intended), has created an incredible multi-functional mirror that doubles as a storage unit. The ‘Box’ is a sleek wall mounted mirror that swings open to reveal shelving for your junk, your coats, or your shoes. Available in two finishes (white and aluminum) and three versions, the Box is a perfect solution for small spaces whether it be in a bedroom or front entrance. The ‘Duty Box’ comes with 8 flat shelves to store anything from books to nailpolish which works great anywhere in your home. The ‘Coat Box’ instead has 3 coat hooks and one slanted shoe shelf that holds up to 3 pairs of shoes; a great piece for those who aren’t blessed with an entrance closet. Finally, our favorite version is the ‘Shoe Box’ which houses 6 slanted shelves that can handle up to 18 pairs of shoes, yes ladies, 18 pairs! Extra storage and a beautiful looking mirror, who can refuse?

Since we are on the topic, Kristalia has also designed a smaller version called ‘Mini Box’ which can be used in the entrance or as a medicine cabinet in the washroom. Available in two versions, a single swing door or a double door unit that splits in the middle, it’s crazy how much stuff you can jam in these little units. Annoyed you husband always leaves his keys on the table? Tired of your wifes facial cream always on the sink? Mini Box is your answer 🙂

Currently we have the Foot Box in both white and silver in stock and on the showroom floor so drop in and have a look for yourself.

30% Off All In-Stock Diesel Lighting Until August 31st

A great opportunity to pick up lighting created by some of the largest names in furniture and fashion. at a great price. Diesel well known for their edgy designs in fashion has teamed up with Foscarini, one of the worlds largest lighting manufacturers, to offer this incredible collection of lights. We have many in stock and on the showroom floor so make sure you come by before they are all gone! Sale ends August 31st, 2012.

Good Luck in London Fellow Canadians!

We want to wish all the Canadians across the pond in London, England competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics the best of luck throughout the games. We will be following you every step of the way showing our pride for our incredible country. Good luck Canada, bring home GOLD!!!

Product Showcase: Cattelan Italia Spyder Table

The Spyder table by Cattelan Italia was the highlight of their new collection in 2011 and again in 2012 when they introduced the Spyder Wood which we very proudly display on our showroom floor. It was first introduced in Milano last year displayed in a polished stainless base with a transparent glass top which definitely demanded some attention but the new version shown at this years iSaloni in Milano with the walnut wood top takes the cake. The base of the table is available in polished stainless steel, walnut wood or lacquered metal in either white or anthracite while the top of the table is only available in a transparent glass or walnut wood which gives you the option to mix and match as you please to suit your needs. The glass top with polished base gives a very industrial feel while the walnut top with anthracite base is a lot warmer allowing the table to fit nicely even in a traditional space. The best feature of the Spyder Wood is the live edge which means it is solid wood and rather than shaping the table into a perfect rectangle, it has the contours of the actual tree trunk which adds a beautiful detail to the table.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Spyder is one of our favorite pieces in our collection and has had incredible response from our clients. The combination of its simplicity and hard lines is what makes this table so attractive. Swing by and see it in person and let us know what you think!

Designer Spotlight: Fabio Novembre

Fabio Novembre, unlike many designers, expresses his appreciation for life, love, and sexuality through design. Rather than creating for the purpose of sales or popularity, he believes strongly in creating out of passion, for the reason of being. His designs are much more than just a product; instead they represent a meaning, a story that Fabio has uniquely created which makes him a truly one of a kind designer and individual.

Born in 1966, Fabio has become somewhat a household name without being in the game for all that long. He has gained much respect throughout the industry working with popular brands Casamania, Driade, Bisazza, Bitossi, Venini, and Cappellini. Most famous for his re-design of the infamous Panton chair, the Him & Her chair manufactured by Casamania was actually voted worst design of the year by Wallpaper Magazine. Where most would have found disgrace, Fabio was actually proud of this, and in turn this risqué’ version of a classic became and continues to be a world wide success. His love for the human body has been subject to many of his of projects, and although at times push the envelope, he has a way of bringing out the beauty without crossing the line. In 2001 Fabio designed a nightclub called Divina, which represented the theme of the venue that was made very clear. Using the most famous historical nude paintings, he created an environment based on the naked woman. If the hanging paintings didn’t get the point across, he backdrop of the main bar was an extreme close up of the female genitalia with the script “L’origine du Monde”; an image I can guarantee was never once used in this context but somehow made sense coming from the mind of Fabio Novembre. He explains his approach saying “The naked female body is pure essence, exploring its secrets opens the doors of perception, relating to its beauty makes you adore it. The advertising mechanisms of using naked female bodies for selling any kind of product is just a vulgar application of a concept as old as the world. I wanted all these thoughts to be filtered through the classicity of 500 years of art history, through the elegance of ageless visionary adorers.”

He describes his creation called ‘Green Line’ for Bitossi as a lesson we should all listen to and learn from. Inspired by flowers that grew through the asphalt of a street in Beirut called ‘The Green Line’ that separated the Christian and Muslim population during a time of war where no one could cross that street due to the gunfire and violence. He says “flowers don’t give a s**t that we are fighting with each other, they grow anyway”. His belief that flowers will continue to grow even when we as humans are at our worst because there is always a better way of doing things, and a flower is this symbol.

Fabio Novembre is a simple man with simple pleasures. He believes trees are our angels and without them we are nothing. A man that accepts chaos yet refuses to drive. He considers himself a “monkey in the jungle” as he is always at complete peace with himself. He once said “I want to breathe till I choke. I want to love till I die.” In my eyes this is a man who finds beauty in all and will continue to do so until his final breath.

Visit to view his complete portfolio.

'Made in Italy.' What Does it Really Mean?

It’s amazing how these three short words ‘Made in Italy’ has been branded throughout the world as a symbol of quality, craftsmanship, and of course high prices. The question is, what does ‘Made in Italy’ really mean? What does it represent? Why is it so important? Well in the world of design, it’s really quite simple…

Design has been a part of Italian culture for hundreds of years and has developed into a lifestyle choice. Well known for fine foods, luxurious sports cars, haut couture, timeless art, and of course fabulous furniture, Italy has set the bar for excellence all across the board. Brands such as Gucci and Ferrari have built their image based on the simple fact that their entire line is crafted in Italy; this has set them apart as being some of the most prestigious brands money can buy. Marketing plays an important role in the image they have created but its much more than a commercial with supermodels flaunting themselves for the camera – for Italy, it can be found in the roots of their civilization. ‘Made in Italy’ is a reflection of centuries of inspired artists and inventors, monumental movers and shakers, Da Vinci and Michelangelo, whose legacy is still celebrated today. It is an exploration into past innovation, present circumstance, and future possibility. ‘Made in Italy’ is not just a disclaimer letting you know where your product was made – it is simply put, a passport through generations of innovation, experience and cultural richness, and the pride of a country following in the footsteps of their forefathers.

Quality is controlled by the hand of the manufacturer. Lets take Ferrari as an example. Stapled the sexiest sportscar on the road, it has been a status symbol for as long as they have been in production. Even with their price tags above and beyond a quarter million dollars, people often line up for years to get their hands on one. Seems a bit silly but it’s not because Ferrari doesn’t want to sell them, its simply because they cannot produce them fast enough. In 2010 Ferrari sold just over 6400 cars which was one of their best years in the last decade and to put this into perspective, in 2009 Ford produced over 400,000 F-150 trucks. The difference is in the manufacturing. Fords assembly line can spit out trucks faster than you can recite the alphabet backwards, whereas Ferraris are built completely by hand and typically take 3 weeks to build. The entire car is assembled by the hands of a very skilled human being; each stitch sewn, all bolts fastened, every component needed to create this gorgeous beast. The attention to detail cannot be compromised by machines which is why they remain at the top of the food chain with no intention to mass produce. This is much like the world of furniture.

Taking the concept of the Ferrari and comparing it to Italian furniture, it is more or less the same. Each time an order is placed, the product is made from scratch giving the client the flexibility to choose the color, size, material, and so on. Each order is customized to the clients liking and done so with great attention to detail to ensure the client gets exactly what they ordered. Mass production has no place in a world of detail and simply cannot exist. Much like the assembly line of a Ferrari, an Italian-made sofa is born in a very similar manner. The frame is built by hand by an experienced carpenter, the upholstery stitched by a skillful seamstress, and completed by a professional upholsterer. These steps ensure perfection where perfection is demanded.

Typically when we read ‘Made in Italy’ on the label we tend to clench our wallets, that’s a normal reaction, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us…you aren’t being taken as a fool. There are many hidden costs behind the final product as described in a previous post “The Price of Knock-Offs” that influence the final price of the product. The countless months to sketch an idea, the multiple prototypes built to iron out imperfections, and the cost of producing this product for the marketplace are all factors of the final price. As we all know, time is money, and often years pass from the day an idea is generated to the day it hits the shelves. Quality of material is also a common factor; whether it be solid walnut wood, down-filled cushions, extraclear glass, or top grain leather, these are the ingredients to guarantee peace of mind and customer satisfaction. The price of a product can also be influenced by whether or not it was conceived by a big name designer. For instance, the Lightweight by Tom Dixon for Foscarini is truly one of a kind. Owning one is like owning a piece of art created by one of today’s most affluent designers, and something truly unique and individual has a price tag that reflects such thought.

In the end, ‘Made in Italy’ is a simple phrase representing quality, originality, and longevity. Well designed products are timeless and are built to last. It’s easy to save a dollar by taking the ‘economical’ route but rest assured the savings represent shortcuts; shortcuts that in the end will cost you more than you saved.

Spend $1000 & Receive a Free D&D Clock

Yep it’s as simple as that. Spend $1000 or more before taxes and receive a free ‘Toc’ clock from Diamantini & Domeniconi. Available while supplies last. Limit one per customer.

Product Showcase: Bitossi Ceramiche

The story of Bitossi Ceramiche begins in the early 1900’s when Guido Bitossi began paving the long road to the success of the Bitossi family. A family run and operated business from day one, they have created over 7000 original pieces and have 200 of those pieces in their own museum showcasing their historical path. Using the ceramic tradition created in Florence in the 1500’s, Bitossi has grown into one of the largest ceramic manufacturing companies in the world working along side iconic designers such as Ettore Sottsass and Piero Fornasetti in the earlier days and more recently with todays popular names Karim Rashid, Fabio Novembre, and Arik Levy.

We are thrilled to offer this incredibly well made and designed line of ceramics to our clients as it brings more than just design but a piece of history as well. Designs that have been around for nearly a century are still ‘in style’ so you can look at these as an investment as they will last lifetimes to come. Our showroom pieces and inventory are expected to arrive towards the first week of September so be sure to drop in as some of the collections are limited quantities and once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Bringing the Inside….Out

After months of slushy streets, shoveling snow and thick socks, summer has finally arrived where we all frolic through fields of flowers in slow motion. Really though, its time to take the covers off your BBQ’s, fill the propane tanks, and set up the patio furniture, if you have it. It almost seems silly to spend so much money on patio furniture when we only have 3 quality months to enjoy the sunshine which is why many go the ‘less expensive’ route and lean towards furniture from their local hardware store but there is an alternative solution.

We are happy to introduce our line of outdoor-friendly furniture which doesn’t exactly look so ‘outdoorsy’. Instead its quality furniture that is designed for indoors but can very easily be used outdoors and have no issues with the elements of Mother Nature, mainly created using different types of plastic. Lets take the Pasha chair by Pedrali for example. A play off a Victorian wing chair perfect as an accent chair in the living room or head chair in the dining room it is created completely in polycarbonate using one single mould in four finishes (transparent, smoked, white, and black). This not only modernizes it, but allows the chair to be extremely versatile, bringing it from your living room to your patio to host one heck of a BBQ party.

Kristalia has created its own outdoor catalogue using some of their most popular indoor products and making them outdoor compatible. The Sushi table has been one of Kristalias best sellers for many years which has pushed them to create a new version made with aluminum legs and a laminate top…did I mention it’s also extendable with three self storing extensions? This table can easily be used in the kitchen, dining room, or basement and brought out for a big summer get-together. The largest size can seat 10 when closed and up to 16 when fully extended, so don’t worry about inviting a few extra friends. The Elephant chair and BCN stool, both iconic pieces for Kristalia have also been modified to work in the great outdoors.

Aside from the mandatory items needed to host a backyard party, there are some great pieces available that would really set it off. The Tetris bar by Pedrali is exactly that, a bar. Who do you know has a bar outside? Thought so. A great piece that can be used both in and outdoor to accommodate friends depending on the season. With a bar you are going to need somewhere to rest your drink, which is where the Pebble coffee table, by Bonaldo, is perfect. Made of polyethylene, its perfect for outdoor use and it doesn’t even hurt when you kick it with your shins as you walk by.

Designer Spotlight: Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid, born in Cairo yet raised in Canada, is one of the most influencial and well known designers in the world. Named “Most Famous Industrial Designer in All the Americas” by Time Magazine, Karim’s designs have taken the world by storm. With over 3000 designs in production, he has become a household name designing anything from a vaccuum for Dirt Devil to water filtering bottle for Bobble; he strives to bring his own style to everyday products. Famous for his love for curves and wild colors such as his trademark color, pink, its pretty easy to spot one of Karim’s products not to mention spotting Karim himself, often dressed head to toe in white and pink with his own hierogliphic symbols tattooed on his arms.

Karim has worked with some of the largest brands in the world from Samsung to Prada, creating everything from products to packaging. Not only known for his product designs and development, his resume of interior design is nothing short of incredible. Travelling the globe, Karim has worked in over 40 countries always leaving behind a piece of himself whether it be a restaurant or a hotel lobby, unlike your budget, his creativity has no limit. Having a space designed by the legend himself is a very prestigious honor and one that will leave your competition in tears; that is, if you can afford his services as they don’t come cheap.

Lucky for us (and you), he has collaborated with some of the lines we offer at Suite 22 including Bonaldo, Tonelli, Casamania, and Progetti. Some of our favorite products we offer are in fact those born from the mind of Karim such as the ‘Kandor‘ and ‘Dragonfly‘ lounge chairs made by Bonaldo and the ‘Dekon 2‘ coffee table by Tonelli. It’s something about his designs that demand attention and because of their unusual shapes and finishes, they seem to fit in any environment. We have recently teamed up with Italian ceramic manufacturer, Bitossi, who carry an incredible line of ceramic vases designed by Karim and his team which are simply pieces of art. You probably won’t stick flowers in them or use them in anyway but the shape and color of each item do more than enough. They should be arriving towards the end of August and on display in our showroom so make sure you drop in to see them in person.

As a humanitarian, writer, interior designer, industrial designer, artist, and DJ (yes, I said DJ) , we will leave off with a quote by Karim Rashid. “We have addressed the world’s problems. Now design is not about solving problems, but about a rigorous beautification of our built environments. Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally.”

Happy Birthday Canada!

What better way to celebrate the birthday of the best country in the entire world, well, with a sale of course! As Canada turns 145 on Sunday, we take this opportunity to sit back and really appreciate how lucky we all are to live in this beautiful country. A land filled with opportunity, cultural diversity, picturesque landscapes and maple syrup, what more could we possibly ask for. As a gift to you, we would like to offer you a 15% discount on all regular priced items until July 7th. Be safe and have a wonderful long weekend!

The Price of Knock-Offs

Design is all around us, whether it be your kitchen fridge or the chair in your office, everywhere we look we experience the beauty of design. What we don’t realize is what it took to get that product from the designers sketchpad to the assembly line and into the marketplace. There is a long and expensive road to get from point A to point B and its unfortunate that many times this product gets knocked off as soon as it gets its first taste of success. Clearly, items that are not a big seller right off the bat are left to die honorably by the sword but those who take the market by storm tend to find a different fate.

A designer spends most of their young life studying the history and true basics of design whether it be interior, architectural, or industrial. After many years in the classroom very few will have the opportunity to branch out and try to make a new for themselves. This includes endless hours scribbling ideas in their sketchpad hoping to find the perfect product to bring to market for the masses to enjoy. Once the idea is solid, the hard work begins; months of research on materials, angles, finishes, etc. now begins. After this the designer now needs to find a manufacturer willing to take this idea and begin production which is a huge investment on their behalf as moulds need to be created or new materials need to be developed just to make this idea a reality.

In 2007, Italian lighting powerhouse, Foscarini had finally released a design by Marc Sadler called Twiggy. This lamp took years to be completed as they needed to create a new material in order for it to look and work the way Sadler wanted. Rather than using a solid material like carbon fiber, he wanted something soft that could bend nicely but at the same time not continuously bend, instead find the perfect spot and remain in that position for the rest of time. Ya I know that sounds expensive but these are the steps necessary to create something truly original. Believe it or not, this lamp was replicated and in the market at a fraction of the price.

Now after this imagine you were the designer with your first big break and after years of blood and sweat, you go to a store and find your piece of work duplicated or ‘knocked off’ at half, if not a third of the price. This person, or company, has stolen not only your idea but your contribution to the design world. They have skipped all the hard work by jumping straight to manufacturing, most likely through reversed engineering after they brought your item back to their plant and dismantled it to the bare bones. Not only is the designer compromised but so is the end product. Ask yourself how something that costs a third of the price be the same quality? Its impossible unless certain ingredients were ignored, or important details modified. You are now left with a product that may look similar to the naked eye but does not function properly, not to mention the lifespan is short and often never guaranteed.

The fight between designers and “knock offs” will go on for many years to come as it is a battle with no end. You may ask yourself why don’t they patent an idea but the money involved to patent an idea involved is enormous and most of the time would cost more than the profits gained. Same story for lawsuits, it’s a money pit that most try and avoid although some chose that route and hope for the best. It happens day in and day out because many consumers want the ‘designer look’ but not the ‘designer price’ but next time you are out shopping really think about the benefits of buying original rather than supporting a world of fakers selling you what is no better than a mirage.

Arrivederci Milano!

Another trip to iSaloni has come and gone; a week of nonstop walking, talking, schmoozing, and drooling. Consistent every year, each booth was built to impress filled with brand new products displayed for the very first time; some yet to see the light of day. Although the weather wasn’t very cooperative, the energy was high throughout. Hundreds of thousands of people made their way to Milan to be inspired and bring home some incredible new collections. We did exactly that…

We are very proud to announce that we will be working with new lines such as Jesse, a complete line of contemporary furniture with clean lines and unique identity, and Arketipo a wonderful sofa manufacturer based out of Florence bringing a more traditional feel to our collection. In the end, it seemed like our main purpose was to find some accessories and smaller items for the showroom and we did exactly that. Lines such as Bitossi, a ceramic manufacturer offering products by iconic designers such as Fornasetti, Karim Rashid, and Fabio Novembre; ArtBeat, a humorous collection of ceramic dolls designed by different designers, each extremely unparalleled, and Bio, ethanol fireplaces great for any space.

Needless to say, we were not let down by our current suppliers as they all displayed some wonderful pieces we wasted no time ordered for the showroom. The Big Table by Bonaldo in the new solid grey oak top with anthracite legs, the SheLLf wall-mounted bookshelf by Kristalia, New York lounge chair by Saba, the very creative Chariot trolley by Casamania, and so much more.

This years common theme aside from the continuation of last years ‘white and walnut’ overload was yellow…yep…YELLOW! Its about time because what other color puts a smile on peoples faces more than yellow? Its the color of the sun (who doesnt love the sun?), the color of bananas (everyone loves bananas), and the color smiley faces!