Bringing the Inside….Out

After months of slushy streets, shoveling snow and thick socks, summer has finally arrived where we all frolic through fields of flowers in slow motion. Really though, its time to take the covers off your BBQ’s, fill the propane tanks, and set up the patio furniture, if you have it. It almost seems silly to spend so much money on patio furniture when we only have 3 quality months to enjoy the sunshine which is why many go the ‘less expensive’ route and lean towards furniture from their local hardware store but there is an alternative solution.

We are happy to introduce our line of outdoor-friendly furniture which doesn’t exactly look so ‘outdoorsy’. Instead its quality furniture that is designed for indoors but can very easily be used outdoors and have no issues with the elements of Mother Nature, mainly created using different types of plastic. Lets take the Pasha chair by Pedrali for example. A play off a Victorian wing chair perfect as an accent chair in the living room or head chair in the dining room it is created completely in polycarbonate using one single mould in four finishes (transparent, smoked, white, and black). This not only modernizes it, but allows the chair to be extremely versatile, bringing it from your living room to your patio to host one heck of a BBQ party.

Kristalia has created its own outdoor catalogue using some of their most popular indoor products and making them outdoor compatible. The Sushi table has been one of Kristalias best sellers for many years which has pushed them to create a new version made with aluminum legs and a laminate top…did I mention it’s also extendable with three self storing extensions? This table can easily be used in the kitchen, dining room, or basement and brought out for a big summer get-together. The largest size can seat 10 when closed and up to 16 when fully extended, so don’t worry about inviting a few extra friends. The Elephant chair and BCN stool, both iconic pieces for Kristalia have also been modified to work in the great outdoors.

Aside from the mandatory items needed to host a backyard party, there are some great pieces available that would really set it off. The Tetris bar by Pedrali is exactly that, a bar. Who do you know has a bar outside? Thought so. A great piece that can be used both in and outdoor to accommodate friends depending on the season. With a bar you are going to need somewhere to rest your drink, which is where the Pebble coffee table, by Bonaldo, is perfect. Made of polyethylene, its perfect for outdoor use and it doesn’t even hurt when you kick it with your shins as you walk by.