Suite 22 Interiors rents merchandise for video, film, photographic and studio work as well as staging for residential or commercial use. Only items that are currently on display in either of our showrooms are available but not all items as this is to be decided based on the project. Anything new in boxes will not be available for rental use.

Rental fees are based on item cost in addition to the rental period:

24 Hour Period: 25% of rental item’s cost plus tax
2 – 7 Day Period: 40% of rental item’s cost plus tax

The showroom will not rent any items for a period longer than 7 days. Unless otherwise specified by Suite 22 Interiors, any goods not returned on the specified date will be considered purchased in full. Charges for any additional daily rental fees will apply.

In addition to payment for the full rental amount Suite 22 Interiors will require a security deposit in the amount of the total cost of the item(s) with tax. This is required prior to the release of rental goods. In the event of damage, loss or late return this deposit will be used as payment in full for the rented items. Suite 22 Interiors reserves the right to retain the deposit and hold any damaged or late merchandise until a replacement is ordered and received.

The individual client must make necessary arrangements for disassembly, packing, transportation, unpacking and reassembly at the showroom or pay for the necessary costs using Suite 22 Interiors delivery and installation team. Also, any upholstered items that become soiled must be cleaned at the client’s expense. Items must be returned in one piece with all parts intact (including screws or other forms of hardware). Acceptance of any rental item(s) for rental constitutes agreement in full to these terms.