Italian Furniture

The Italian furniture industry and its significant contribution to industrial design is well regarded and celebrated the world over.  Some of the most prolific designers of our day have worked with renowned Italian furniture and lighting houses over the last several decades producing items that have found their place in homes and museums around the world.  At Suite 22 Interiors, our commitment to the Italian furniture industry forms the foundation of our overall vision which is to bring the finest in Italian modern furniture to the Toronto market.  We recognize that shopping for Italian furniture can be intimidating given the bespoke nature of these products.  We also believe in the timeless quality and uplifting impact of a well-designed space which is why we strive to bring the best in product and service to our clients every step of the way.  Here’s a quick overview of how to approach furnishing your space with modern Italian furniture.



Know your brands – Select the right manufacturer for your aesthetic and overall design vision.  If you are looking for fun, out of the box, crazy designs look to manufactures like Casamania and Lago.  If you want something more refined with a classic modern appearance, check out manufacturers such as Flou, Cattelan Italia and Arketipo.  If you like the laid back, relaxed Italian vibe, check out manufacturers such as Bonaldo and Saba Italia.

Custom is custom and it’s worth the wait!  Purchasing from a well curated collection of modern Italian furniture brands offers many choices to help realize your vision of a custom space.  Custom can take time and we outline delivery times to all our customers at the outset.  This helps manage timelines and expectations to ensure you’re purchasing exactly the item, look, and finish that you need for your space.

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