Suite 22 does Modern Bedroom Furniture

Today’s modern bedroom no longer serves the utilitarian function of simply housing a bed and storage solutions. A well designed modern bedroom should provide a comfortable, beautiful atmosphere incorporating the very best in modern bedroom furniture. To create that ultra-sleek look, the Suite 22 designers recommend the following:

  • Choose a low profile bed; look for a piece with sleek, tight, clean lines
  • Select a thinner mattress that still offers exceptional support, exterior materials and internal construction – eliminate your box-spring and go ‘euro’ using slats. A great example is the Bonaldo Relaxin Bed


  • Gain storage without giving up your footprint – modern bedroom storage solutions such as wardrobes can accentuate the height of your room making your room feel more spacious. Designer tip – choose sliding doors where possible to create a clean, seamless look. A great example is Lago’s line of wardrobes like the Now 100!
  • Modern bedroom furniture should be the appropriate size and scale relative to your bed and bedroom. Designer tip – if you have a long wall where your bed is, think about using longer, lower units rather than narrower, taller units. A great example is Zanette’s Clan furniture collection
  • A well placed mirror is an often overlooked element in modern bedroom furniture placement. A mirror is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. Designer tip – when choosing a full-length mirror, select something that has a thin profile with elegant lines

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  • Don’t clutter up the bedroom with unnecessary pillows and accessories
  • Do keep it clean and display items of importance with an emphasis in quality over quantity
  • The modern bedroom should incorporate a well thought out lighting plan. Designer tip – stick with one type of light fixture to creative a clean, cohesive look. To create a coordinated look using modern lighting, look to examples like Diesel by Foscarini’s Fork table lamp