Get Prepared for Winter with Bio Fireplace

As fall rolls in, and winter right around the corner, we can’t help but think that Old Man Winter is soon to be declaring war on shorts and flip flops. Although we call ourselves Canadian, it’s near impossible to defeat the ever so sneaky ‘wind chill factor’ so instead most of us decide to stay home and enjoy time alone or with a significant other over some hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and needless to say a great romantic comedy, but what’s missing? Well, good thing you asked, because nothing says “F&*$ winter” like your own fireplace. Unfortunately, in todays condo market its rare to find a fireplace as an option, and most of the time they aren’t the prettiest nor are they at all flexible as they are built directly into the wall. This is when we introduce you to Bio Fireplace.

Bio, a family owned and operated company based out of Perugia, Italy, recently made a turn from specializing in manufacturing pizza ovens to creating some of the most beautiful and functional ethanol fireplaces on the market. Yes, you heard right; the entire collection are ethanol based meaning these can be used indoors (and are condo friendly) without producing any toxic fumes, can be relocated with ease, and do not require any installation, wiring, or gas tanks. It’s as simple as pouring in a special liquid ethanol designed for this application (which is easily found on the market) and lighting a flame…VOILA…you have fire for hours and can easily be shut off by sliding the burner top shut.

The collection consists of wall mounted units, floor standing, table top burners, and even outdoor units which not only set the mood but offer some heat in its surroundings. A personal favorite is the Tulip designed by Matteo Ragni who has played a large part in many of the pieces in the Bio collection. The Tulip is a floor standing fireplace made in Corian and available in any Corian color offered by Dupont so really, your options are nearly endless. Tulip is also offered as iTulip which looks the same as the original except has a slide out tray that holds your iPod or iPhone and when connected with a wire acts as a speaker, genius!

We have recently received our showroom models and we couldn’t be happier. They bring a new element of design and functionality to our already extensive collection of wonderful Italian products. Feel free to view the Bio website at