Our Top 5 Favorites from iSaloni 2013


Once again, iSaloni was nothing short of incredible. The world’s largest furniture fair in Milan, Italy brings together companies from all around the world to show off their newest designs. With over 2500 exhibitors spread throughout 21 pavillions and more than 2 million square feet to cover by foot in less than a week, you can imagine how important a good pair of shoes can be. This year the show hosted just shy of 325,000 guests who were lucky enough to get touch and feel some of the newest designs the world has seen. We thought we’d share our five favorite products from this years exhibition. Without further ado, here we go:

Bonaldo Octa
Designed by Bartoli Design, a design firm who has played a large part in the success of Bonaldo, the Octa table lends itself to an almost Eames-like design. Its dramatic, metal rod base crisses and crosses creating a very sculptural effect, resembling something like the bottom of the infamous Eiffel Tower. Beautiful from any angle, this table when paired with a simple dining chair would create an incredible effect in any dining space. The base is available in painted white, anthracite, polished chrome, and black nickel with a wide range of top options including polished or matte glass, lacquered wood, even solid oak or American walnut.


Tonelli Lumetto
Leave it to Tonelli to create some of the most beautiful and creative glass products. The Lumetto end table/lamp is a perfect example proving Tonelli’s ability to create just about anything made completely out of glass. If you look carefully at the profile of the Lumetto you will see the shape of a lamp cut in half hinting it has a second function up its sleeve. Not only does it offer substantial table space for books or an alarm clock, the Lumetto, when touched, illuminates using a special LED system which highlights the profiles of the unit giving off just enough light. Offered in standard transparent or extra transparent glass and in two different heights, it’s a great option for any bedroom or living space.


Saba Honey
The Honey by Saba is a small hexagonal, multifunctional element giving homage to the ingenuity of nature’s honeycomb. Although pretty all on its own, Honey’s seamless modular design allows you to group multiple pieces together to create a dramatic formation. Simple and sleek in design, its removable top is the highlight of this piece. Transforming from a simple ottoman or coffee table into a storage unit for just about anything you want to conceal. The ability to choose from many different fabrics give you the flexibility to get creative…..or keep it simple.


Cattelan Italia Domino
We aren’t sure what it is that is so damn sexy about this table but we can’t take our eyes off of it. It’s not something we would typically be drawn to but we have to say that we love it. Maybe it’s the odd upside-down style base? Maybe it’s the elegant simplicity? Whatever it is, there isn’t much to say, just stare and admire. Well done Cattelan!


Bonaldo Contrast
Back to Bonaldo we go (you know we love Bonaldo). The Contrast bed designed by Alain Gilles, designer of other great items by Bonaldo such as Big Table, Welded, and Tectonic, this bed is unlike any other we offer. Its beauty lies in its differences – elevated off the floor with legs in a matte painted finish, this bed has a utilitarian and clean frame and yet, the headboard is a masterful show piece. The gentle curve and soft upholstery of this bed makes it dynamic and aesthetically pleasing…which is where the CONTRAST occurs. The juxtaposition between the large, soft headboard and the hard, sleek frame makes this bed a winner in our books! Alain Gilles has done it again!