Progetti Releases New Designs

Progetti has recently released their new designs in time for the International Design Show, Macef, in Milan, Italy. Playing with different depths, materials, and their incredible creativity, I have to say that we are in love with the new collection.

The Petali clock, Italian for petal (as in flower petal), is a recreation of a flower where you have the ability to rearrange the petals of the clock to create a new look. Available in 2 color combinations (red/yellow/orange or blue/purple), this clock is sure to make a statement anywhere in your home.


My personal favorite is the Clock Circle clock. If you are asking if it’s covered in moss, well…’re absolutely right. For those who don’t know what moss is, it’s a soft plant, a living organism that does not require water or sunlight to stay alive which means you can put this clock anywhere in your home and it can live for many years to come. Crazy, right? Ya well, that’s Progetti.


Finally, the CuginoITT clock has to be mentioned. Cugino translates to cousin in english….exactly, Cousin ITT. They designed a clock after the infamous Cousin Itt from Addams Family TV series. Known for being short and completely covered by his hair, only exposing his glasses, this clock is a perfect rendition of Itt. Covered in strings from top to bottom only revealing the time, available as a table or wall clock.


See the complete Progetti collection at and let us know which is your favorite.