Staff Picks: Holiday Edition

We got the team together and decided to each pick our favorite gift ideas for this wonderful (and probably very stressful) holiday season.

Roberto: Art Toy Test’O
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $129.50/ea + tax

“The Art Toy collection is definitely one of my favorite accessories we carry; each with their own personality bringing a little bit of life to each room. Although I am a fan of many, Test’O is definitely my number one. It actually caught my eye shopping in a ‘design’ department store in the center of Milan and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I am not sure what it is, maybe the retro feel with the colorful lines or the memories of watching cartoons as a kid, I had to take one home as soon as they came in.”


Liane: Diamantini & Domeniconi Tablita/Tablito Clock

Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $69/ea + tax

“Tablito/Tablita are 2 of my personal favorites for gift-giving this season. Meant to be a male and female pair, the chalkboard finish can be fun and whimsical, or utilitarian and used for notes and reminders. If you are giving it as a gift this season, personalize it with a message or picture for that special someone.”



Claudio: Fornasetti Ceramic Collection
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: 15cm tall: $175/ea + tax 30cm tall: $455/ea + tax 50cm tall: $1100/ea + tax 70cm tall: $1595/ea + tax

“A classic design created by an icon designer. What more is there to say? Oh ya, most of these are limited edition, so once they are sold out, they are gone forever and you now own a piece of history. The attention to detail is incredible, manufactured by the hands of Italian artisans in Florence, these would be an ideal gift to anyone in love with design.”



Peter: Bonaldo Tree Coat Rack
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: Matte Finish: $315/ea + tax Light Up Version: $770/ea + tax

“Let’s be honest, how many of you really go out of your way to hang your coat in the closet when you can throw it on the closest chair or hand rail. Well here’s the next best thing without getting an earful from the neat one in the household. When it’s not draped in coats or hats it acts as a beautiful sculpture and even has the option to light up which takes this piece to a whole other level.



Aida: Diamantini & Domeniconi Butterfly Clock
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $215/ea + tax

“Hands down my favorite item at Suite 22. Butterflies are a wonderful symbol of freedom and grace and the design of this clock captures it perfectly. Available in a variety of colors this is a great gift for just about anyone on your shopping list. My choice was the violet one for my granddaughter, I know she is going to love it!”



Jimmy: Progetti Burano Cuckoo Clock
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $455/ea + tax

“Being from Italy and often traveling to Venice, this one really hit home for me. A great recreation of the famous houses on Burano Island in the Venice Lagoon. The colors are strong and vibrant but the best part is the cuckoo bird that pops out of one of the windows every hour. Don’t worry the night sensor restricts the bird from chirping at night so you won’t lose any beauty sleep.”



Nikki: Karim Rashid Symbolik Candle Holders / Paper Weights
Sale Price until Dec. 24th: $335/set of 6 + tax

“The Symbolik candleholders by Karim Rashid are a one-of-a-kind gift for the holiday season. The 6 shapes in the collection are fun and carefree with 6 great colours in the set that really complement each piece and the collection as a whole! You can use them in the set, or as individual pieces (you can even used them as a paperweight) – I love this for gift-giving!”



There are many many other items we have on sale so feel free to drop by and have a look for yourself, and hey, atleast you can come try one of our famous espressos or cappuccinos even if you don’t find anything you love.